Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Day

Ana Maria CBCCA Kindergarten Class of 2010

Ana sitting with her class

She fell fast asleep!

A days worth.

Tonight was a big night for us... our baby girl graduated from kindergarten! Some may think that kindergarten graduation is silly, but for those of us with medically fragile children... it is huge. When I think about the future and the disease... the thought that it could take her life... I thank God for what He gives me. I thank Him for each of the milestones He allows me to enjoy... cutting teeth... loosing teeth... sitting... crawling... walking... that first sweet word... writing her name... finishing her Awana book, and all those verses she memorized... finishing her first year of school, when the doctors didn't think she would survive her first hour. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the medications, the 24 hour tube feeds, the enemas... she has had over 700 in the last two years, the central line, the infections, the pain... oh the pain, but then I stop and take a deep breath... and thank God for her. I am so thankful there are medications to help. I am so thankful that there is a way to help her bowels stay healthy. I am so thankful that feeding tubes and portable feeding pumps were invented. I am so thankful that there are doctors who know how to care for her. Thank you God... thank you for Ana. Thank you for a graduation day... even if it was only kindergarten. I pray it is her first... and not her last...

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  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Congrats Big Girl!! Sorry we missed your graduation. But we will see you in July. Take care and know Aunt Robyn, Uncle Juan, Tori, Carlito, and Gabi love you very much. See you soon:)