Thursday, May 27, 2010

Answered prayer!

Ana's drysuit was shipped and will be here tomorrow! Thank you to everyone for the prayers! We just got back from the doctor and Ana has bilateral ear infections. She just got off of antibiotics a week ago for the same problem. If this new round of antibiotics doesn't work she will need to have her tubes replaced... please pray about this. I also forgot to ask for prayer in the earlier post for the upcoming brain & spine MRI and lumbar puncture. With the pain and other neurological symptoms, they want to check a few things. Please pray that Ana's body would tolerate the anesthesia.

*** As for the Chipin widget you see on the right of this page, that is something so exciting! I can't wait to tell everyone why it is there! June 1st I will tell you guys all about it! The money raised between now and July 1st will help cover Ana's medical expenses. This widget can be copied and pasted onto any blog or website. (Just click the "copy" button.) It will show the total raised from start to finish. So, for those of you who want to help Ana, but don't know how, here is your chance! It is as simple as "copy & paste." Check back on June 1st to get all of the sweet details about this 'Give A Blessing!' surprise!***

(If you are not sure about how to 'Copy & Paste' this onto your blog or website, click 'copy', then click 'more options'. That will open a new window where you can pick a color to match your website, and decide which code you need, i.e. blogger, wordpress, etc. Once you click the type of site you have, the code and step-by-step instructions will display. You can e-mail us if you need further help or if you want to let us know you're participating!

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