Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Be Blessed

The day has finally arrived and I can tell you all about the Chipin on the right side of this page! Ana was anonymously nominated for "Baby be Blessed" and their "Give a Blessing!" Baby be Blessed is a doll ministry and you can read all about them at Every month they pick a child or family who has been nominated for a blessing. You can visit Ana's Give a Blessing page by clicking here. For every dollar you donate you are entered into a drawing to win some really neat stuff! All of this money will go towards Ana's medical care and medication costs. Ana's medications cost us around $3,800.00 per year... these are medications insurance will not pay for. We are also waiting on her MRI's before we decide if she is going to have to go to a more specialized neuropathy center... and travel is costly. Thank you to whoever nominated us... we feel truly blessed to be a part of this... and thank you to Baby Be Blessed for all that you do and the lives you have touched through this ministry.
Here are a couple of pictures from our vacation. Ana started off feeling very sick, then perked up, then went down hill again... and now, thanks to the Lord, she is feeling much better. The kids are having so much fun away from the stresses of everyday life back home. Thank you those who made this trip possible... I can't explain what it means to us... we feel so blessed... God is so good.


  1. Holding your sweet Ana in prayer. You blog made me cry for a few reasons, first, I know the pain of a medically fragile child, my Anna (ironically) has Rett Syndrome. Second, I could actually feel the hope pouring from the computer screen, and third, your music! Love in Him!

  2. Hi
    My mother Gail Moore said that she met you at a conference the other day and was talking about our daughter Ana Katharina and said that she met you and talked to you about your precious Ana also. Wow we will definitely lift her up in prayer. We want also to follow your story and keep supporting in any way we can. God has been so good to us in our daughter's life and so it looks like he has also been good to you. I have several blogs that help me in our struggle. the Works of God (is the disability ministry of Bethlehen Baptist Church), Disable Christianity, and Wrestling with God (A father's blog) are all blogs that have encouraged me greatly.