Sunday, September 27, 2009

MUSC Day 4...

The bacteria is Klebsiella pneumoniae. It is sensitive to several antibiotics and that is very good news. We are praying that the line will stay, since the bacteria is treatable. This is a bacteria that came from within her body. Probably translocated from the gut. I will update after the doctors round today.

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  1. I'm so glad the bacteria is treatable- is Klebsiella what she had last time? I'm sorry to see that she has another line infection so quickly, that must be a little discouraging.
    I saw your pics of the Redman's, Eithene has this reaction too- she has high bp's, huge flushing, fever, etc... we always pretreat with benedryl and tylenol now, and run her vanco very slowly (at least 3 hrs). This has prevented any further issues.

    I will pray that Ana can get on the best abx quickly and you can get back home!

    ps- I love her new haircut!