Sunday, September 27, 2009

Culture # 2

The cultures drawn yesterday just came back positive for Gram Negative Rods. This really stinks being that she has been on antibiotics that this bacteria is suppose to be sensitive to. The peds team is saying the line has to go, but the surgery team has the final say in the matter. The surgery team should be rounding pretty soon, so I will let everyone know what the plan is then. Please keep praying!


  1. Farah4:13 PM

    We will pray for Ana and your family. God has given you a termendous strength, I know others who could not do this. What a wittness.

  2. Still praying!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello from us! Melissa, Janessa and I are in room 829 above play area and observed Ana playing for a bit thankful to see her able to be up and out there for a bit...our prayers are with you all, especially Ana! May God bless you all with a good nights rest and good news in the morning...much love, They Bywaters