Monday, March 2, 2009

Not so good news...

We left MUSC Sunday at 5AM. The trip started out smooth, but then Ana stopped tolerating feeds again. We got to Cincinnati Children's last night around 6:30PM. They ran lots of labs, and her sugars were low. She got another I.V. and dextrose to get her sugars up. She was then admitted to Cincinnati Children's and viral and bacterial infections were ruled out with labs and stool cultures. We now know it is a mechanical issue and we will have results from the manometry by Wednesday. Everything looked normal on the scope and the biopsies will be back on Wednesday, also. The plan is to stay inpatient until we get the results and then the doctors will go from there. Ana did great under anesthesia and she is now laying in the bed watching Noggin. The Manometry will start in the morning and last until 2PM. I will try to update after the test. Please keep praying!

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