Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are ready...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I went home for the first time since Monday. It was so great to see the kids! The older ones understand alot of what is going on, but Isabelle just doesn't quite get it. She was so sad to see me leave and begged to come with us. Please keep Emily, Baden, and Isabelle in your prayers. Shey and I have opted to bring along our support team. Josh will help with all of the medical stuff, and Stephanie will care for Sage. I am not ready to leave Sage and she is still a little sick and will not be allowed into Cincinnati Children's. Stephanie will stay down the street at the hotel during the day and care for Sage.
God has given us just what we needed... a team of friends willing to make sacrifices for Ana's sake... whether helping us with the older children... helping with the baby... helping with Ana... helping with monetary gifts... helping with prayer... helping with meals... helping with raising awareness... each and every one of you are a blessing to us. We thank God for all of you... He uses you all to give us strength... Thank-You! God is so merciful!
Ana is doing great. Her feeds are up to 40cc/hr and we only need to get her back to 55cc/hr! She has only gotten sick once today. They did start her on antibiotics last night and she has been fever free all day! One concern is the diarrhea, but we are thinking it is just the antibiotic.
Tomorrow we will leave MUSC at 5AM and we are praying that we will make it to the hotel by 5PM. I will update tomorrow night as soon as we are settled.

Fundraiser Update
The A.M.P. fundraiser has been rescheduled for May 9th. The rain date will be May 23rd. This date will not change. I will post updates about the fundraiser as they become available. Please continue to pray about this event and for those coordinating it.

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  1. Hope your trip is a good one, and that your trip to Cincy goes well.
    My girls LOVE Littlest Pet Shop. We have that very one too. My girls I think have all the postcard pets now. They counted them the other day and in the 6yrs of collecting them they have over 130 Pets. Wow!