Friday, February 27, 2009

Praise God!!!

Ana is tolerating 25cc/hr of the formula!!! She still has a temp, but other than that she is doing well. The plan tomorrow is for me to go home and pack while Shey stays here with her. On Sunday she will get a bolus of I.V. fluid and be discharged from MUSC. We will then leave from MUSC and go straight to Cincinnati. If she continues to tolerate the feeds, even at the rate she is on now, we will stay the night at the hotel and she will be admitted on Monday as planned. We are so happy she is tolerating something!!! I will update if anything changes. Please don't stop praying!!! God is still in control!


    I am glad things are finally getting a bit better. will continue to pray.

  2. That's awesome Emmy!! I spoke to Josh tonight at the Oyster roast and he filled me in before you updated here. I told my children this morning how Ana was doing and they prayed for her too. We love you and are thrilled at any good news you report!!

  3. Horray! That is wonderful to hear. Continuing to pray for you guys and hoping your trip to Cincinnati is a good one.