Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Testing will begin...

Ana is having bladder/kidney issues. We are waiting for a bladder scan and then she will most likely have a Foley catheter placed. Still no bowel sounds... the next time she retches they will do an abdominal x-ray. She is still venting bile from the g-tube and cloudy stuff from the J-tube. I will update when tests results come back. Please Pray!!

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  1. Hi Emmy, I hadn't checked this site in a while so after talking last night I came here to see how Ana is doing... have any of the test results come back?

    I'm praying you can figure out what is the source of her kidney/bladder issues. I'm sorry you are in this position- I realize that will make it very hard to be home by Saturday. I'm praying that works out as well!

    Ps- I love the song "Give me Jesus"