Friday, July 13, 2007

Ana's 2007 "Quest For A Cure"

Sorry about the delay in updates. Ana has been back and forth to Charleston and is still having tummy issues. Ana's GI has been less than helpful and it is taking its toll on us. Her last two stools have been negative for blood and that is a good sign. Since our last update, Ana's, Keppra has been increased from 200mg to 400mg in an attempt to keep the myopathy to a minimum. Big news... Dr. S in Atlanta has reviewed Ana's medical history from birth and decided she is absolutely a candidate for a muscle biopsy. Muscle Biopsy?? Yes, a muscle biopsy to test for Mitochondrial Disease! This is what her doctors feel is causing her deterioration. Mito is a terminal illness. Ana's is loosing muscle tone each week. She will begin in home physical therapy when we return from our trip up the coast. Our travel plans are as follows: We will go to Boston Children's for a week, then to Johns Hopkins for a week, then to Atlanta for about a week. In Boston she will see America's best motility specialist. In Maryland she will see her wonderful allergist. In Atlanta she will see America's best Mito specialist. We thank God continually for this opportunity to get Ana a diagnosis and possibly help. We pray for His will.
This trip will be costly and we are back to raising funds. Anyone wanting to help Ana on her "Quest For A Cure" can donate via Paypal by clicking on the Make A Donation button to the right. You can also donate to the Ana Maria Bennett Fund at any Wachovia Bank nationwide. For those of you who would like an awareness band, they are a gift with a donation of $2.00 or more. Just remember, I can only mail a band if you include your address when you make your donation. Thanks again for all of your support and especially for your Prayers!!

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