Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ana Swimming!!!!

Ana's 1st time in the "BIG POOL"! She can finally have outside play in the sun
without getting over heated and run down!! Thanks again YRP!
Sorry for the delay in updates, but Ana has been dealing with a lot. She continues with a GI bleed of unknown origin. She saw her new neurologist last Thursday and the appointment went very well. Due to all of the pain and the decrease in muscle tone, he decided to put her on Keppra, a seizure medication. She is doing beautifully on it..... very little pain, and sleeping at night!!!! This neuro also believes Mitochondrial Disease may be what she has. She is being referred to Atlanta for an evaluation and a muscle biopsy for proper diagnosis. He also started her on a Mito supplement called CoEnzyme Q10 until a diagnosis is made. I promise to keep you updated! Please keep praying!!!

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