Friday, February 14, 2020

Washington, D.C. Day 5

Tonight’s update will be short because I’m absolutely exhausted. As a nurse, I can honestly say that I feel like I have worked a 120 hour long shift and it’s not ending. With all of these tests, I am constantly having to provide care, document everything, talk to team members, and emotionally support Ana. Today’s procedure was longer than expected do to some complications with getting the manometry catheters in place. Ana is very uncomfortable with the manometry equipment. On top of the major stuff, she has had 6 IVs in the last 72 hours... with the newest one being placed 30 minutes ago... not fun. 
I am so thankful for your prayers and concern for our girl. To the many of you who have reached out to us, thank you... it really means a lot... I haven’t been able to respond to everyone, but know that I have read your messages and your encouragement means more than you know.

Prayer Requests: 
~for Ana to feel better
~for our meeting with the physicians tomorrow
~for the catheter to stay in place for the remainder of the test 
~for answers 

***Ana was very happy to see her old friend, Josh, who works on the flight team at Children’s National! They have been friends since she was 3 years old.***

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