Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Washington, D.C. Day 4

Today has been a very long day... it started at 3:30am when the stomach pain began... while I hate to see her in pain, I am glad that it happened for 9 hours of the test. Unfortunately, it did have an impact on her ability to take full meals during the test, but hopefully they will still be able to gather all of the information that they need. The catheter was removed from her nose around 2pm and her throat is now starting to feel better. 
Shortly after the tube was removed, the prep for tomorrow was started... and it has been a very, very, very long and slow process.
We were able to meet with Dr. Levitt today and he is thinking that surgery is most likely necessary. He tossed around some ideas and will trial them during tomorrow's test, but if they do not work, he will have to remove part of the large intestine. He is eager to see what the results will show and plans to follow-up with her on Friday before she is discharged. 

Prayer Requests:
~that the prep for tomorrows procedure will be done soon
~that the doctors get the results they need to make an informed decision about Ana's care
~that Ana will be able to get some rest tonight
~that tomorrows procedure would go well and without complications
~that the pain management consult would be productive
~Pray for peace for Ana... tomorrow will be a very hard day...

***Ana had some very special visitors today! Abby, the therapy dog, some time cuddling with her, and the Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs paid her a visit!***

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