Thursday, November 19, 2015

Times Flies!

Where does the time go? This week has flown by and for that I am thankful! Ana is doing great! Prayers were answered and things look great. I know everyone won't understand what that means, but Ana is at an age where I have to carefully choose how things are shared with everyone... for her sake and her privacy. Just know that God answered yours and our prayers because He knows all and that is all that really matters! Oh, and yes, that means NO SURGERY!!! Yay!!! We are super happy about that!!! Again, thank you so much for your support and prayers!!! We look forward to driving home tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels!
Some great friends took us out for dinner!

We got to visit family a couple of hours north of Columbus!

Hanging out with Ronald at his house!

Sage trying out the RMH slide!

Ana trying out the swing at RMH!

Ana had her hair cut in the RMH spa!

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