Monday, March 15, 2010

Long night...

Ana had a horrible night last night... about 8 hours of screaming with neuropathic pain in her legs. Her physical therapist came this morning to assess her and explained that her pain was from lumbar 4 and lumbar 5 nerve roots. This was interesting as no one has ever gone into detail with us about the source of the pain. She also noted that there was more weakness than usual in the right leg, which was the worse of the two last night. After speaking with the doctors, we all decided that a meeting with the pain management team while inpatient this week would be our best option. Episodes like last night are very rare, but must be treated to give her relief. The doctors also decided an MRI of the lumbar spine would be a good idea to cover the bases. We are praying they find something that can be fixed; if they do not find anything, then the neuropathy is from muscle wasting and there is nothing we can do other than manage the pain. Please pray for Ana and the doctors... pray for her comfort and that the Lord gives the doctors wisdom to treat her pain.


The 3rd Annual Help Cure Ana Maria Fundraiser

to benefit Heroes on Horseback

Featuring: Vessel of Honour & Soul

May 8, 2010 from 11AM-3PM

@ the Hwy 21 Drive-In

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