Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How sweet Oobie is...

So, Daddy was driving us to MUSC for Ana's admission today and they had the sweetest conversation. I will type it out word for word so you all can enjoy it in it's fullness:
"Daddy," said Ana, "I like our church." pause.... "No, Daddy, I love our church!"

"Me too," responded Daddy. "Ana, why do you love our church?" asked Daddy.
"Because we got a preacher that talks alot about God!" Replied Ana.
"That's right, we do!" Chuckled Daddy.
"Yep, he's even smarter than a scientist!" Said Ana. "I think he could be the President!"
"Ana, do you listen when Pastor Broggi is preaching?" Asked Daddy.
"Yep! I don't even say a peep!" Exclaimed Ana.
"What do you think about when he is preaching?" Asked Daddy.
"I try to imagine what it was like way back then," said Ana.
Ana started this conversation all on her own. I just sat back and took notes. She saw me writing and asked me to write down what she said and mail it to Pastor Broggi. She is too cute!

* We did make it to MUSC around 5PM. Please pray that tomorrow goes smoothly and we are home by dinner time!*

The 3rd Annual Help Cure Ana Maria Fundraiser

to benefit Heroes on Horseback

Featuring: Vessel of Honour & Soul

May 8, 2010 from 11AM-3PM

@ the Hwy 21 Drive-In

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