Monday, December 7, 2009

No news is not always "good news"...

It has been very busy around here the past few weeks. Ana finally got to sing on stage! She was so excited about singing for Jesus!

Ana was also on SCETV Thanksgiving Day. You can click here to view the program "The Big Picture." Heroes on Horseback is the last segment (the 20:12 mark).

Health wise, things are going o.k. We actually had her on cycle feeds for about 2 weeks! Shey and I thank the Lord for those 2 weeks. We prayed she would be able to permanently get cycle feeds, as this allows for pump breaks, but that wasn't part of God's plan for now. Ana is now back on continuous tube feeds. Could you imagine carrying around a backpack that weighs 8% of your weight 24/7? If you were 150lbs that would be a 12lb backpack... all day and all night... the Lord gives her amazing strength and will. She rarely complains about any of it. As for the neuropathy pain, she has good days and bad days. We are very pleased to tell you that the I.V. Keppra takes care of the pain almost immediately! All in all things are going well for Ana at the moment.

However, we are dealing with some other issues. Ana's grandma is very sick with asthma. We are pretty sure it is our A/C system causing the problem. There is visible mold in the duct work and the duct work is not sealed properly. Top that off with blown insulation and you have a disaster. We are not in a position to replace the duct work or the unit, and desperately need prayer about this! We want a healthy environment for Ana and my mom. Currently my mom is in the hospital with major breathing issues, she has been sick with asthma since August of 2007. Please pray for her healing. She does so much for us and the kids when Ana is in the hospital... she is always there to care for and tend to them. We are very concerned about the air quality in the home and how it may be affecting her. Pray for a miracle.

Ana is in the middle of the second row. She is wearing a pink dress with a puppy on it.

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  1. Yay Ana! That was a lovely video :) I am praying the air conditioning unit can be fixed or replaced. I am sorry you are in such a tight spot.