Sunday, October 18, 2009


If you don't know what AWANA is, then I encourage you to look it up and get your kids involved! Click here ---> AWANA! All of our kids absolutely love it! Ana asked tonight if she could have SPARKY on her birthday cake!

Tonight was Crazy Hair Night:
Baden with Gamecock Helmet hair!
Ana with Coca-Cola hair!
Isabelle with Beehive hair!
Ana is doing great with her new line. We follow-up with the Neurologist in Charleston tomorrow. We are having more issues with urinary incontinence. She will have to have another VCUG, Urodynamics, and renal ultrasound repeated to see if things are getting worse. These tests are scheduled for November 17th, in Charleston. I will try to update after tomorrow's appointment.

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  1. How fun is that?!!! LOVE the hair!

    We have our Urology workup coming soon too... OIY...