Monday, October 12, 2009

Atlanta and back...

"Today I went to Atlanta to my doctors appointment and test. They pulled blood from my line so they could check it. Then I picked some rubber toys and bubbles out of the box. Then mommy took me to the other doctor office where I got my test done. It was very rainy so we had to run fast so my chest wouldn't get wet. At the test mommy read me books. The doctor put the helmet thing on my head and I stayed still during the test and got a teddy bear. Then they put stickers on my chest for some reason and they took them off and it felt sticky! Then I got an M&M off the counter on our way back to the car. Then we went home and it took 20 hours to get there!! And then I finally got to play while daddy mixed my milk! I love you! Pray that I get better!"
ana maria
("Mommy typed everything for me except my name!")


  1. It was so great to see Ana on Sunday!! Running down the hall in the morning and then running back to her group at the opening of AWANA. God shines all around that beautiful little girl. I love you Ana:)

  2. Ana, I'm so glad your dr visit went well. Welcome home again! :)