Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resting in His hands...

That is how we get through every day... every hour... every minute... every second... we just rest with an inner peace that God will see us through. Life... life with an eternal perspective.

Ana has had a week of ups and downs. The leg pain comes and goes with a vengeance... some nights we sleep, and some nights we don't. Monday she had her first appointment with the GI at MUSC. He was kind and knowledgeable. He immediately wanted us to see the surgeon about the g and j tube issues, and that is what we did. Bright and early Tuesday morning we were on our way back to Charleston. Dr. S (surgeon) thinks the leaky g-tube is just a motility issue and gave us a barrier cream to help protect her skin. As for the j-tube stoma... it is not closing. Dr. S is going to have to surgically close it next Wednesday. This is something we were hoping to avoid. While Ana is under anesthesia for the stoma closure, Dr. S thinks it may be a good time to go ahead and place a port. At the moment we are in prayer about this. The consents were signed to have the port placed, but we have asked Dr. S to talk with GI and Neurology about this before we go forward on Wednesday. We won't have a concrete answer about it until then. We completely trust these three doctors to make the best decision for Ana. We know God will shut doors if they need to be shut.

*** UPDATE---> The surgeon's nurse called today, Wednesday, to tell us the doctors have talked and decided placing the port is the best option. ***

Below is our schedule for the next week:

  • Tuesday - admission for surgery.
  • Wednesday - stoma closure and port placement.
  • Thursday - renal ultrasound to reassess the neurogenic bladder.
  • Friday - Heroes On Horseback
Fundraiser Update
The Second Annual Help Cure Ana Maria fundraiser will be May 9th at Burton Wells Park (Old) 64 Burton Wells Road Burton, SC 29906. Gates open at 3:30PM and cost is $10/person or $25/family. The rain date will be May 23rd. This fundraiser will help cover Ana's medical expenses.

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