Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ana The Beautiful!

Well, it has been a long week. Ana is having bouts of leg pain here and there and the stoma, where we removed the j-tube, still hasn't closed. I will call the surgeon on Friday if the stoma is still leaking, and he will have to stitch it closed. As for everything else, health wise, things are quiet at the moment. We did get a bit of bad news today... Ana is on a medication called CoQ10... It is the only medication known to benefit people with Mito. Our insurance stopped paying for it about six months ago and a local church started buying it for her... well, in these bad times... the church no longer has the funds to cover it. We are back to buying it out-of-pocket... the particular brand Ana has to have costs $225.00 a bottle and a bottle last two months. Please join us in prayer about this.

The fundraiser is off to a healthy start. Over 500 fliers have gone out in the last three days! On top of that, there are radio broadcasts, tickers, and a commercial all up running! We need everyone praying for food and good weather. We know that with God all things are possible! We want this entire event to glorify Him and we pray that many are touched by the gospel that will be presented on May 9th at the old Burton Wells Park! Please pray for all of those making this event possible.
Fundraiser Update
The Second Annual Help Cure Ana Maria fundraiser will be May 9th at Burton Wells Park (Old) 64 Burton Wells Road Burton, SC 29906. Gates open at 3:30PM and cost is $10/person or $25/family. The rain date will be May 23rd. This fundraiser will help cover Ana's medical expenses.


  1. Hugs and prayers. Hopefully this fundraiser will be huge!

  2. Praying your fundraiser goes well and that God will answer your prayers on how to pay for her COQ10. I've heard that is mighty expensive stuff and so important for Mito kids.