Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last night Ana's temp jumped to 104.7. With this she had lots of stomach pain. I gave Tylenol and five minutes later had to vent the g-tube. Tylenol is the only fever med we use on her, so without it we had to be creative. We decided to get her in as little clothes as possible and covered her with a cool light blanket. Then we started pedialyte through the g-tube to help cool from the inside. By 11:30 PM we had her temp down to 100.8! God is awesome! And to add icing on the cake... her temp is down to 99.2 today!!! I will start formula feeds in the next hour and do pray she tolerates it. Today the referrals and orders are suppose to get to hospice so she can be started on the "Kid's Path" program. I will update with any new news. Keep praying!


  1. Keeping you guys in our prayers. I hope that Ana Maria gets well soon. There are a lot of icky bugs going around right now.

  2. I have been following little Ana's blog for some time now. I learned of her through the IA group. When you guys were in Cincy this last time, we missed you by a day. Good for you guys to be able to go home though! We have been praying for little Ana and your family You are in our thoughts and prayers

    God Bless