Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This week...

Alot has happened in the last 6 days. Ana is doing great! The meeting with Kids Path went very well! And to top it all off, Ana's doctors all agreed that the leaky, non-functioning j-tube should be removed!! Yes, Ana now only has one tubie!!! She is so excited about it. Praise God! Please remember Ana in your daily prayers!

Fundraiser UpdateThe A.M.P. fundraiser will be May 9th at Burton Wells Park (Old) 64 Burton Wells Road Burton, SC 29906. The rain date will be May 23rd. This fundraiser will help cover Ana's medical expenses.
Please continue to pray about this event and for those coordinating it.

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  1. Bye bye J tube!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Yay no more leaky tube!