Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sorry, I forgot to post the tree picture! It has been a wonderful week with family and friends. Christmas caroling was a hit as usual, this year we had a total of 24 carolers! We rounded a neighborhood in Beaufort this year. Ana has only had one bad night in the last week and that was Christmas Eve. She started in the early evening and cried off and on all night with leg and arm pain. She will see the new neurologist in Charleston next Friday and hopefully we can address the "break through" pain. Please be in prayer about this upcoming trip to Charleston. Also, we will leave for Cincinnati on January 19th and we will return on January 24th.
... O.K. ... Here is our spectacular tree!!! We have about 50 ornaments!!! What a blessing this tree has been for us!!! I wish we could leave it up forever!...

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  1. I love the tree! It's beautiful! I'm glad that Ana has done well - we have been praying for her. It stinks that she had pain on Christmas Eve. We are praying for the next appointment and that Ana will have no more pain issues.

    Blessings & Merry Christmas!