Friday, September 19, 2008

Time to start Elecare.

The new plan is to just start the Elecare. Ana is at a point to where she has to get some form of nutrition. If the Elecare fails, the only other option will be TPN. If TPN is necessary, we pray it is only temporary. Elecare feeds were started at 5PM and have been running at a rate of 20cc's per hour (4tsp/hr) for 15 minutes. I will let you know how things progress as the night goes on. She has not had any nutrition in 5 days and the doctors are now starting to get a little concerned. Please keep those prayers going...
Last night, Shey and I were going to the cafeteria to get dinner. I asked Ana if she wanted to go down with us so she wouldn't be all alone. She said "Mommy, I am not alone... God is here with me. I will stay with God and watch Noggin."
She is the cutest little thing!

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