Monday, September 15, 2008

Surgery went perfect!

Praise the Lord! Surgery went so well that we skipped the PICU!!! It is so amazing how God gives us the things we prayerfully ask and beg for! We are so unworthy of His mercy... yet He gives it so willingly!!!

I have finally gotten Ana settled in and she is resting comfortably with Morphine. She did great with the anesthesia, but had a little delay waking up and getting off the vent. We didn't actually get out of recovery until 6:00PM. Dr. L was able to do it laparoscopically; other than the tube, she has two tiny incisions. Our only area of concern now is that she won't urinate. They are giving her an extra bolus of fluid in an effort to get her to go, but if all else fails she will have to be catheterized. She is getting antibiotics as a precaution due to increased infection risks with her disease.

As for Daddy, he is stressing over the fuel shortage. Ohio & Kentucky have over 500,000 people without electricity and without electricity, the gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, etc... can not open. People are waiting in line for hours to get gas and the latest reports are saying that they are running out... Anyways, please pray for all of those effected by Ike and for all of the electricians desperately working around the clock to fix the problems...

Above are pictures after surgery. I will update later... Ana just got sick and we had to vent her 9:00PM meds (It is 12:30AM now) The nurse just left to go call the doctor and will soon be back to cath her if she does not void on her own.

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  1. Oh praise God that the surgery went well!!!
    God is awesome!!!!!