Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have done my fair share of research for the day. I spoke with Ana's doctors and the plans are as follows:
  • We will meet the first week of December in Atlanta to discuss in detail these results.
  • Ana is on the wait list to return to Atlanta early 2008 for continued treatment.
  • Ana will immediately start Tishcon CoQ10. (when we get the resources to pay for it)
  • Ana will have a brain and spine MRI on Monday and Tuesday next week.
  • 2-3 months after CoQ10 therapy, Ana will have blood levels checked and dose adjusted as needed.
  • New Drug trials may be possible in the next 24 months.
  • We will wait for Dr. N's call about Botox treatment (we are pretty sure this is not an option anymore).
  • Ana will begin Physical therapy and Speech in 3 weeks.

We are in need of alot of prayer. Gas is high and CoQ10 is going to cost us around $250 a month. Today I requested that Shey's employer reconsider covering CoQ10 in the benefits. Pray for their hearts to be touched. Monday I will write a proposal for a grant to cover the cost of the CoQ10. I thank all of you in advance for your prayers. Please consider praying for these specific requests.

On top of everything going on right now, we have to somehow explain all of this to the other children. We ask that everyone be sensitive to them and not dwell on the terminal aspect of the disease. Ana is not old enough to understand all of this and we are praying for wisdom in explaining all of this to them..... I am at a loss for words...

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