Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ana's Diagnosis

The results are in. Ana has Oxidation Phosphorylation Complex I Defect. She also has ketosis, increased lactate, pyruvate, and Kreb cycle intermediates in urine. Dr. S will now determine if this is a mitochondrial DNA mutation or a Nuclear DNA mutation. This testing is called mitochondrial DNA sequencing and will take several months. Knowing these results will give us more insight. Ana will begin a drug called CoQ10 at a dose of 800mg per day. She has been on CoQ10 before at a much lower dose, and it didn't go very well. Ana is going to need alot of prayer. If you want to know more about this disease, you can enter it into your search engine. We know Ana will get worse. We know there is no earthly cure. We can't be sure of the prognosis, but will have a better idea once the sequencing is complete. We know Ana is resting in the hands of the Lord. We know God is All Powerful. We have seen the power of prayer. Please keep praying.

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