Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Results From Boston.

Here is what we now know:
* The Impedance study is normal, NO REFLUX!
* Ana's stomach, upper part of small intestine, and colon respond to food abnormally.
* The lower part of small intestine and the upper part of the large bowel are still functioning normally.
* The treatment is Botox. Yes, Botox injections in the stomach have shown positive results in this type of case.
* Both specialist believe she may also have Abdominal Migraines. This would be in addition to whatever else she has.
The Plan:
* We wait. The skin & muscle biopsy results will be available in 8-12 weeks.
* Once we know whether or not this is Mito, we will decide when to do Botox injections.
* Botox injections will be done in Boston by Dr. N. The injections have to be done under anesthesia and I am not sure how many or how often they will do them.
The Good News:
* No spinal tap was needed!
* The skin & muscle biopsy went wonderful and only took 30 minutes!

I wish I could post pictures for everyone, but the computer isn't wanting to act right. I will get pics on here as soon as we get home and settled!
We are asking everyone to lift Dr. Shoffner in prayer. He will be working long hours in the laboratory getting Ana's cells to grow and studying her cellular make up. Thank you.

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