Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ana is not doing well right now and needs your prayers. She continues to leak milk and is unable to handle all of her calories. On top of all of this she now has frequent watery bowel movements. The specialists at KKI and Johns Hopkins are doing what they can to advise her local specialists to the best of thier ability. They want her to return to Baltimore for more tests and possible admission but do not feel it is an option until the baby is born safely in 7 weeks. So for now they are trying to figure out how to keep Ana from loosing weight. We are very worried and confused about all of this. She is so thin. She weighed 24lbs 10oz on Tuesday and has surely lost weight with all of the bowel movements. They are deciding now if she needs a G/J tube which would allow us to bypass her stomach and feed her formula directly into her small intestines. We should hear from the local GI doctor early tomorrow. This would hopefully help her get the calories she needs and keep her from loosing more weight until we can get her to Maryland. In the meantime we are going to have to raise funds to pay for any tests that may be done at Johns Hopkins. If any of you have ideas on fundraising please share them. I am exhausted and worn down. Ana's constant need for care is wearing on our entire family. I would give anything for some answers. Please, Please, Please...pray for Ana. Her little body is so thin that we can see her ribs. I feel so bad she has to endure all of this. Thanks, Emmy

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