Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Washington, D.C. Day 2

We made it to D.C. safely! Ana had to endure 5 hours of appointments today with the gastroenterology team, hospitalist, anesthesia and the lab. Tomorrow morning she will go under general anesthesia to have catheters placed and biopsies taken from her stomach and small intestine. With the manometry catheters in place, she will undergo 24 hours of testing with timed meals, meds, and fasting. The upper GI catheters will be removed on Wednesday and then she will begin prep for Thursday. On Thursday she will again have general anesthesia to place catheters for the other studies that the colorectal surgeon needs, with plans to discharge on Friday. While inpatient she will have consults with colorectal surgery and the pain management team. They also want to make plans for her to see the mitochondrial disease specialist when we return for follow-up, or surgery (if needed).

Prayer requests:
-Peace during the storm... these tests are complex and long
-for protection while Ana is under general anesthesia... she has been known to have some major blood pressure and cardiac issues with these drugs due to their affect on the mitochondria 
-answers... (we really, really need answers as to where this pain is coming from and how to stop it)
-that somehow surgery can be avoided 

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