Saturday, March 8, 2014


     Hmmm... where do I begin... this week was our spring break and it was filled with appointment after appointment. Ana saw surgery to discuss some issues she has been having with her g-tube and urology to address some issue with her bladder... these visits required two days at MUSC... and it is that time of year... the time of year when viruses run rampant. Wednesday night after we returned home from a busy day at MUSC and then church, Isabelle became extremely sick with fever, headache, and vomiting. We took extra steps to quarantine her in the hopes that Ana would not get sick, but those measure were unsuccessful. 
     So, last night while we were at our small group dinner I got the dreaded text from my mom... "Ana started retching (remember, she cannot throw-up), I gave her nausea meds on tongue, and hooked her up to a vent bag." Now, while many of you will have no idea the significance of this, I knew right away that this was not good. I asked my mom to restart feeds and to notify us if she started retching (also known as dry heaving) again... twenty minutes later I got the text, "You better get home." By the time we got home she was in a lot of pain and unable to control the retching... and to make matters worse, her g-tube was clogged from a couple of noodles she had for dinner. Daddy started packing the suitcase while I called to notify her specialist that we were on our way to the MUSC ER. The older kids helped me change her g-tube and we loaded the car for the journey to Charleston. The first half of the ride was unbearable to witness as she was in so much pain, but then God began to answer the prayers of our prayer warriors and she fell fast asleep! 
     When we arrived at the ER (10:45 PM) the staff was waiting on us and she was taken straight back. Labs were drawn, the I.V. was started, and x-rays were taken. Her team was notified of the situation and fluids were started to counter the metabolic crisis starting to take place in her little body. Orders were sent to the floor and we were taken to her room at 2:30 AM. She was finally able to settle down around 3:30 AM, but the episodes of retching woke her up every twenty minutes or so. 
     This morning has been full of visits from her specialists, nurse, PCT, and residents. She still has a fever, a headache, a feeling of weakness, and episodes of retching. Her metabolic labs are a little elevated. The plan for now is I.V. fluids and gut rest. Her team should be making rounds shortly and we will know more then. 
     Sorry if this is all over the place... I have had about two hours of sleep.
 How to pray... 
  • Pray for Ana to get better quickly.
  • Pray for her team to know how to treat her and to be sensitive to her needs.
  • Pray for Shey and I as we are functioning on very little sleep... and that is NEVER a good thing in a stressful situation.
  • Pray for our children and my mom who are at home... that they would not get sick.
  • Pray for God to provide financially... Shey has now been out of work for 6.5 weeks and eating every meal at the hospital is costly.
  • And please pray for her sore little hands... she has been so brave...


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