Sunday, March 9, 2014


     Things are going very well, but very slow. Ana's feeds are finally up to 20cc/hr! At the moment they are only increasing by 10cc's every 12 hours... so this is going to take a while. She is feeling much better and that is the most important thing right now! Thank-you for all of your prayers!
Current Prayers and Praises:

  • Praise God that her blood cultures are still negative.
  • Praise the Lord that she was able to order her lunch and eat... even though it was only a few bites... of a cookie... she gave it her best effort!
  • Praise God that the doctors were able to confirm through tests that she does have a virus and nothing worse.
  • Pray that feeds continue to go well and she can go home soon... she is really tired of all of the blood draws... unfortunately with a metabolic crisis the doctors have to check and recheck blood levels until all levels are back to normal... especially her lactate.
  • Pray about Ana's I.V. Her little veins are not holding their own and they are anticipating that they will need to place another I.V. very soon. She is discouraged because she just had one replaced last night. Her little arms and hands look like pin cushions.

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