Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

     We are so happy to be home! Ana is doing great... tired and weak from this episode, but definitely improving! She will have several appointments in the coming days and weeks so please continue to pray about those visits. Pray that she doesn't pick up any colds or illnesses when we go to these appointments. 

Pray for Ana's upcoming schedule:

  • Pediatrician this Wednesday
  • Pediatric Dietitian in 2 weeks
  • Pediatric GI in 4 weeks
  • Renal Ultrasound in 6 weeks
  • Pediatric Urology in 6 weeks
  • Pediatric Neurology in 4 months

Other Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for Shey to find a job. 
  • Pray for the Lord to provide financially until he does secure employment.
  • Pray for Baden's upcoming endoscopy at MUSC.
  • Pray for Baden's dermatology appointment. His biopsies came back and he has a few moles that have to be removed.
  • Pray for Emily's upcoming appointment with the oral surgeon about her wisdom teeth... one or more may be impacted.

     Ok... so there you have it! Never a dull moment in the Bennett household. I think typing everything out is overwhelming for me and I think that is why I blog so little lately. Our schedule is scary without the appointments! There is karate, homeschooling, violin, choir, my 5 college classes, AWANA, and more! Aside from the medical stuff there are lives to be lived... friends to visit... places to see... and an awesome God to be worshipped! I try to live moment by moment... day by day... because the big picture can be intimidating at times. God's Word reminds us that we are not guaranteed anything other than the moment we are in so worry is unnecessary. Worry can keep us from doing the very thing God wants us to do. 

Somebody is very happy to have their big sister home!!!

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