Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Doing better!

Scattered thoughts about today...

  • She is feeling nauseated on and off, but doing well. Her feeds were started back at 10cc's an hour and she tolerated them with I.V. Zofran... now the real test begins... she is at 30cc's per hour and not on Zofran! Praying she tolerates them all night and can get up to her 55cc's per hour by tomorrow afternoon!
  • As for her heart rate, it seems to be more normal at the moment. It has been back and forth between normal and low all day. I think the plan is to talk with cardiology and get their expert opinion tomorrow... in the meantime we wait and focus on feeds. 
  • This morning they thought she might have pneumonia because of crackles in the lower lobes of her lungs, but that has since been ruled out. 

Not the best day...
There you go! That's all I have for now. Please keep praying! God is listening! We have been blessed with the nursing staff... He even knew we needed the encouragement of a familiar face! A fellow believer to watch over Ana all night! How great He is!!!

Sore little hands and finger tips.
Sage loves eating at the hospital... is that weird? She asks to go out to eat at the hospital... lol.

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