Sunday, January 30, 2011

Atlanta Bound

I hope you enjoy the post below! Ana had a wonderful birthday and she wanted to share it with you all.

Tomorrow we are Atlanta bound. We are going to see Ana's mito specialist for a follow-up. Things are going pretty well. Ana has been having some issues with her hands and feet turning a deep red color and getting very warm. Her neurologist is thinking it may be due to autonomic issues, but we just don't know yet. I am hoping to know more after Monday's appointment. Please pray for safe travel and a good report from the doctor.

Also, we are in need of prayer for our upcoming trips. Financial prayers... these trips are costly, especially with gas prices going up. We were unable to do Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in one trip. This was a disappointment, but we know the Lord has a plan... and we know He will provide a way. Sage is going to have to go to Pittsburgh in March and Ana's Cincinnati follow-ups are May 25th- May 27th. So, please pray about this with us. And, please prayerfully consider donating to these trips on Ana's "Donation" page.

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  1. Ana is looking gorgeous! What a great day she had :) How wonderful that she will be getting baptized soon -- that's beautiful. I send up a little prayer for you all every time I see your blog on my dashboard.