Monday, October 18, 2010

update at last...

Wow... it has been a very long time... thank you to those who faithfully come back to check on Ana through her blog and those who dedicate time to prayer for our little girl.
Ana is doing very well! She is dealing with the occasional leg pain, but it has not been as long lasting as in the past. The new regimen of meds seems to be working well.

She is loving school so far this year... and has exceeded our expectation in all areas! Her determination amazes me. She is oh so happy to be back at AWANA, also!

Accomplishments in the first 9 weeks of 1st grade:

  • Learned to read!
  • Finished her Sparks book for AWANA!
  • Aside from AWANA, she has memorized Psalm 1 & Psalm 8... now she is working on the Sermon on the Mount!
  • Can write an entire verse without fatiguing or switching hands!
  • Has addition facts memorized and can solve for the unknown!

This list could go on, but these are the things that really stick out to me... a child who we were told wouldn't make it... and we were told that if she did she would be brain dead or deaf & blind??? God is so amazing and so much bigger than we could ever imagine.

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