Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last three days...

Sunday the headaches and backaches were almost unbearable... she was given morphine to stop the pain. Monday the backache subsided, but the headaches were still happening full force. Monday afternoon it was decided that Ana would be given three 400mg doses of caffeine citrate. This along with morphine did the trick. Today Ana has battled with neuropathic leg pain. The last dose of caffeine was at 4PM today and feeds were started back. After about 3 hours on feeds at 10cc's/hour they bumped them up to 20cc's/hour... an hour later... she was sick and retching. We then had to vent the g-tube and discovered that none of the feeds had been absorbed. Feeds were stopped for a couple of hours and restarted tonight at 8PM. Ana needs everyone to pray that she tolerates her tube feeds... we are in a bad place with nutrition. Ana has not had any feeds since Friday afternoon! She will not be able to go much longer without feeds... they will have to start TPN which will require another central line... pray that this dose not happen.
Once the caffeine wears off in the morning we will know if the headaches are truly gone. If they are not gone, the doctors will have to do a blood patch under anesthesia to stop the CSF leak. Please pray that the caffeine worked.
Sorry this update is so scattered, I am very tired and worried about what the nest few days hold. Pray for my strength and Shey's strength... Pray for our other children to have patience through this whole process... Pray for Ana...

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