Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you.

Thank you, God, for Ana. Thank you for choosing me to be her mom.

Ana's courage has touched the lives of many. She is always smiling and always thinking about someone other than herself. She doesn't let the medical stuff get her down. Ana loves God with all of her heart. And I love her with all of my heart. Ana is only six years old, and she has a tender heart. Ana loves horses. She loves everything about them. She loves touching them, brushing them, being around them, riding them, feeding them, and even looking at them. When I asked her about her fundraiser, and who she wanted to help... she replied, "Momma, I want to help heroes." A six year old who wants to help an organization... it amazes me. I will do everything within my power to help her on her mission to Help Heroes on Horseback and I hope you will, also! Ana can't do this alone, she is just a little girl. I am praying that you will consider helping Ana help heroes. A group of 15 people, who love Ana, have put together an event to help my little girl raise money for her favorite organization. This event will be like no other... I know it will, because she has asked God to bless it. There will be food, games, jumpers, horses, live music by Soul and Vessel of Honour, a silent auction, and a special door prize for a very special mother! Will you come? Will you set aside 4 hours of your life to help our sweet Ana? If you can't come, will you prayerfully consider donating online? Ana Maria needs your help. Please, Help Ana Help Heroes!

Below I have added a slide show...
just a small glimpse of what Ana deals with...
what her room looks like...
and how sweet she is.

***You can view the flier, print it, and get directions at the top of the page by clicking "Events".***

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  1. Looks all too familiar... just try not to do what I did with the broviac!!! We all know how THAT worked out! UGH....

    I never realized how MUCH stuff it takes to keep Ky up and running. I mean I know it could TOTALLY be worse but still... I got some odd looks from the moving crew as they carried out the 17th box of "Kyleigh's medical supplies"!!!!

    Praying that the fundraiser goes AMAZINGLY well!