Monday, March 8, 2010

Good News!!!

We are very excited to announce that Ana is getting her central line removed in a week!!!! Happy! Happy! Happy! There are no other words to describe it! Ana's leg pain has been much better and much less frequent. Together we decided that if the pain gets worse and more frequent we will have to rely on strong pain medication as the Keppra doesn't seem to be doing the trick lately. We are praying the pain continues to get less and less frequent and eventually stops coming at all! Please pray this with us!

Her feedings are going slow as usual. She continues to depend on her backpack 24/7 for nutrition. Lately, her large bowel has been giving us some trouble, but we hope to get answers about that in the coming weeks. All-in-all things are going very well!!!

Please pray for the line removal next Thursday! Ana will be able to take a real bath for the first time in about a year! She is so excited... Almost as excited as she was when we got snow!!!

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