Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hospital again...

Well, we arrived at Beaufort Memorial around midnight. Between 9PM and 11:30PM we were in contact with two of her doctors and they were trying to decide the best course of action. Upon arrival to the ER, several tests were ran, cultures drawn, and Vanc. was started. Around 2AM the labs came back showing a bladder infection, and most likely this is the only culprit. However, we are inpatient until the line cultures come back negative which will take between 24 and 72 hours. Ana is doing much better today, the fever is gone, and the leg pain has finally subsided. And thanks to our Lord and Savior, she is back on tube feeds!!! I will update when we know more. If she does end up having a line infection, they will transport her to MUSC. We need prayers!!! Pray this is only a bladder infection.
It is such a blessing being in a hospital so close to home! This is our first inpatient stay in Beaufort!

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