Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Hospital Adventure

That's right... we are back in the hospital! It has been a long stressful day... the end result... admission to MUSC. Ana's fever went down, but her ability to tolerate feeds did not come back. I decided to call the surgeon... they wanted her brought in for admission. We arrived at MUSC around 7PM and made it to our room around 12AM. The last doctor for the night just finished up, and here I sit at 2:39AM. Ana did so well in the E.R... she painted and drew pictures and watched the Gamecocks beat Ole' Miss with us... and as soon as the players began running onto the field at the end of the game, she crashed! Headache, leg pain in both legs, arm pain, neck pain, high fever, and then the retching... I.V. Keppra was administered and then Vancomycin. The pain has subsided and the fever has continued. We do know that she does not have the Flu. We do not know if the line is infected... those cultures will take 24 to 48 hours. I will update tomorrow when I know more. Please keep praying! The Lord is the source of our strength.




  1. Oh Emmy! You just know you hsve s whole bunch of people praying all the tme for Ana, you, Shey, and your other children. Y'all have been on my mind and wondering how she's doing, your doing, has been on my mind. Travelling this road is not the least bit easy, but we're making it on this earth. With God, we can go through some things that even amaze ourselves with the streangth He gave us to endure it. We love y'all Emmy and hugs to you, whenever their needed. :)

  2. Many hugs and prayers...