Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday at Pittsburgh

Sorry for the lack of updates. It has been very busy around here and today won't be any different. Ana had a good bit of stomach pain on Tuesday, but we figured out the cause and it is better. She has had leg pain two of the three days so far. There are alot of labs being done and alot of ideas being thrown around. I promise to give a full update once a plan is set in place. Dr. G has been wonderful! More than we could have ever hoped for in a mito specialist! Pray for her and the other specialists as they pull the big picture together and try to come up with a plan!


  1. I am glad you like Dr. G! Keep us posted. I am following your story closely as I am taking my son to see her Oct. 2nd. Ana looks like she just goes with the flow. That is great!

  2. It was so nice to meet your family Wednesday! I had fun playing with Ana and Sage all day!