Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hope. Energy. Life.

Last night didn't go so good. Ana was up and down all night with leg pain. It has been a long time since she had a night like that. We do pray we get answers about the pain in Pittsburgh.
Daddy was also up and down all night with a cold. We pray it doesn't turn into anything more.
Please continue to pray for the Bill to pass through congress.
Also, we are asking everyone to join us in praying for an unspoken prayer request.

We are begging everyone to send a letter asking your congressmen to Co-Sponsor the "Mitochondrial Disease Research and Treatment Enhancement Act." Below you can click and copy the links and attach them to your letters and if you are a resident of South Carolina, I have included e-mail address' for you. You can also click to read about the Bill. Ana and thousands of others are depending on you to help us find a cure. I realize letters take time, but minutes compared to a little girls life? Is it not worth your time? A child is born every 30 minutes who will develop Mitochondrial Disease by the age of 10! That could be your child... your grandchild... your niece or nephew... your best friend... Researchers are so close to finding a treatment and they need our help!

The Bill

Dear Colleague Letter

First send letters to these points of contact:

Senator Jim DeMint's Office
Erin Reeder
Legislative Correspondent

Senator Lindsay Graham's Office
Colin Allen
Legislative Correspondent

Representative Joe Wilson's Office
Melissa Chandler
Legislative Director

Then, feel free to copy and send the same letter here:

***You can send an e-mail directly to our state congressmen by going to the links:***

Please let us know through e-mail or comment that you have sent your letters and joined the fight for a cure! Ana loves to hear from her warriors! And lastly, send this link to everyone on your address book! We need all states to join us in this fight!

(You can read about our trip to Capital Hill by clicking here.)

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