Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Hospital Adventure

It has been a long day! Our morning started out quiet. I fed the kids breakfast... and then we were headed to Savannah to have lunch with Nanny and stop by the mall to spend our $25 Gymbucks. The kids were so excited about our planned outing and were helping with all of the necessary preparations that are required in order for us to leave the house. Everyone was gathering in the livingroom to get on their shoes and load the car when Ana started crying and screaming that her head, chest, and leg hurt. Within 20 minutes her temp was 104.9... 30 minutes after that, the kids were dropped off with a dear friend, and I was headed to Beaufort with Ana. After an extensive exam by her pediatrician, a kidney infection and swine flu were ruled out. With a fever and her inability to tolerate feeds, the ped had no other option than to call her GI at MUSC. With Ana's disease and her recent issues with sugar, the decision was made to get fluids and I.V. antibiotics started and transport her via ambulance to MUSC. We left Beaufort at 4:45PM and arrived her at 6:15PM. Ana bounced back after the first two rounds of antibiotics and her temp went back down to 98.7. This bounceback was a blessing and she loved the ride in the ambulance... if only that were the end of this episode. Around 9:45PM she started with chills again, and her fever is climbing as we speak... currently at 103.6. They are coming in to draw more labs and for cultures to check for a line infection. I will update when we know more or if anything changes. Please keep praying!!!


  1. Praying for Emmy. This sounds like a line infection. That is what Landon does when he gets one. Hang in there! We are praying for you guys! I hope she is feeling better soon!