Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ana Update...

4th of July... Ana on her cousin, Morgan's, shoulders!

Things are o.k. right now. We are trying to keep Ana clear of the Swine Flu that is going around Beaufort County. Unfortunately, she started with a stuffy nose today. I am assuming she just has a summer cold, but we will see. Ana has been dealing with some bladder issues, I think she is having bladder spasms because she is not emptying completely. I am hoping to hear from the urologist in the next day or so. Also, Ana has been leaking around her g-tube. We knew this might start once the j-tube stoma was closed. Last month we put in a shorter tube and that stopped the leaking until now. We are praying she is only leaking because of the cold she has. I will update as things change. As of right now, we are leaving for Pittsburgh on August 9th and Ana will be admitted August 10th.

I added the song "One More Day," that I heard at the symposium, to the left of this page. I also added a link for Project: Cure and encourage you to visit it and learn about the cause!

Please keep Ana and this upcoming trip in your prayers!


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  1. We don't live to far from Pittsburgh. Let me know where you'll be and we can come visit you! I'm curious what department you are seeing in Pittsburgh? You are going to Children's in Pittsburgh right?