Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ana tolerated the higher rate and transitioned back to the formula with no problems. We have been able to give her meds since about noon, but she continues with pain. She has been crying most of the day with leg and arm pain. She is now complaining that her right arm is "asleep" and her legs feel like they are being "poked with shots". Shey and I feel so bad for her and there is nothing we can do. This is by far the worse day we have ever had with pain. Her temp is holding steady around 101 and she is now having diarrhea. Please keep praying this will be over soon...

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  1. We are thinking about you always and hope Ana gets over this sickness fast. When Samantha was saying our prayer tonight she asked for a special prayer for Ana Maria. We love you and your sweet children so much and are here if you ever need anything!
    Love and God Bless,