Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry for the delay...

Ana in her wheelchair at Cincinnati's main campus.

Ana at Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus.

Ana playing on a colored gel pad at the hospital.

I meant to post Wednesday night, but Ana was in pain for about 6 hours. We spent Thursday in appointments and on the phone with the neurologist and motility doctor trying to find some sort of resolution to the pain. I promise to update when I have heard back from them.
Sage's GI appointment did not go so well and along with the other doctors we have decided she will see the same motility doctor as Ana in April. Sage did get some immunology testing done and we do not have those results yet. Sage also needs a swallow study and an endoscopy which will be scheduled on a return trip.
As for Ana, she had the renal ultrasound Wednesday and saw the urologist yesterday. Dr. A told us that the myopathy of the bladder is progressive and we are to continue as we have been for the last 3 months. We were relieved and thankful to find out that we have more time before we have to start cathing her. Today she had an x-ray and saw the colorectal doctor. That went wonderful as usual! Dr. L gave us a different type of catheter to use in her Malone that is less painful. Other than that all is well in the colon.
Tomorrow we fly home and I will update Sunday or Monday. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. Thank you to all of you who follow Ana's story and pray for her daily! God is good!


  1. Glad to hear all went well with your appointments today. Praying for traveling mercies for your family as you travel back home.

  2. Have a safe trip home. We hope that Ana had a wonderful birthday. We were thinking about her. But were lucky enough to have a stomach bug that Samantha decided to share with everyone. That has been lots of fun. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Trip safely back to SC.
    God Bless,
    Woods Family

  3. I noticed the chair that Ana has. What kind is it?

  4. The wheelchair is a Jazz EasyS. The link on the right of the page should lead you to it.