Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Breathtaking Art By A Professional Artist!

Ana colored a picture tonight and then drew a replica of it!
It is beautiful and I wanted to share it with you all!
Ana's IEP meeting with Beaufort County School District was today. Everything went wonderful and she will begin getting some services through the county. This allows us to spend more time at home and will allow her to get services she needs. She will be on homebound permanently. We are so thankful this all went as planned and we are truly blessed to have a school system that understands and supports our homeschooling! Ana's pain is under control and she is back to "normal."
Our upcoming schedule:
8- Sleep Study in Savannah
9- Phone Follow-Up With Neurologist
14- Ana's 5th Birthday!!!
19- Fly to Cincinnati
20- Motility Appointment
21- Renal Ultrasound
22- Urology Appointment
23- Colorectal Appointment
24- Fly Home
3- Local Urology Appointment
5- Charleston Neurology Appointment
6- Leave for Atlanta
7- Mini Symposium in Atlanta
12- Local GI Appointment
23- Charleston ENT Appointment
Please continue to pray about all of these appointments! Pray for these doctors, that the Lord give them wisdom and patience as they attempt to give Ana the best care possible! Our prayers are heard! Our prayer for funds to buy food in Cincy have been answered!!! See for yourself...

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  1. We would never let you go hungry!! I promise!

    Can't wait to see you guys again!!!