Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Time Is Here!

Well, here we are in the mist of the Christmas season. Ana is ok, but still battling the leg pain. I have put in a call to the neurologist and we will wait to hear the next step. Last night it started around 8PM, got most unbearable at 2:30AM and ended at 4AM. I wish I could help her... take the pain for her... I hate this disease.
Our trip to Cincinnati has been scheduled for January 19th through January 24th. Cincinnati is Ana's only hope for battling this disease. They have so much experience and are unwilling to give up hope. As long as Ana is here, they will continue to fight for her... treating every symptom that is treatable. Please pray for this team of specialists... pray for their wisdom and for their families during this Christmas season. They mean so much to us. Our local doctors are ready to "throw in the towel"... Ana has way too much life left in her to "throw in the towel!" It is not time to give up and I know that the Lord will let me know when the time comes. I rest in peace and comfort knowing that He is carrying us through this. This holiday gives us more comfort than any other. To know that God gave us this great gift... a Savior! Let's not lose sight of how great this truly is. Knowing that God sent us a Savior so that we can live with Him for all eternity is what gives us the most comfort. If Ana is not cured here on this earth, we know without doubt that she will be cured there in Heaven. This life is so short compared to our eternal life with the Lord our God!
Prayer...Thank God for His gift, a Savior... pray for Ana's will to keep fighting... pray for the doctor's who treat her... pray for our dependence on the Lord through all of this... pray for peace... pray for comfort... pray for the Lord to end the pain... pray for all those families dealing with this terrible disease... pray for complete healing...
This week I will read Job... read it with me... if you have already read it, read it again... I challenge you.


  1. We will continue to pray and believe!

    Merry Christmas & Blessings,

  2. I am right here with you... reading, praying and believing... miracles happen... I would know.

    Hugs and prayers..